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9136 N. 81st Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
PH +1 480 948 2268
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Luctor-Global assists with solutions for counter trade guidance

2010 - Luctor-Globals founder and CEO, Frank Meijers, a seasoned American businessman who hails from The Netherlands and educated in multiple engineering disciplines in both countries, recenently finalized a customer project providing extensive experience in executive management, manufacturing operations and world-wide marketing in the computer, ATE and security industries.

Luctor-Global also assiststed the customer with seeking solutions for counter-trade [offset] obligations, offered operational and manufacturing business guidance, and provided international executive search functions. Capabilities further included interaction with a variety of foreign and American international public and private agencies to complete the project.         


Luctor-Global assisted with expansions

2010 - Recent customer project activities included to assist one customer to expand into Australia, Canada and Europe,  an arizona manufacturer of crime- detection equipment for Law-Enforcement agencies, which recently launched a start-up project in Arizona.

The second customer project where Luctor-Global represented a European company which offers a unique new concept in managing the IT issues for e-Learning in the K-I2 school systems and similar applications found successful launch of their business into the state of Arizona.


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